What is
Avant Post?

Derived from the French word for “outpost” (avant-poste), Avantpost is where we think about key developments & innovations on the frontier of digital marketing that will soon present major opportunities and challenges for startups & Fortune 500’s alike.

Our content is aimed at anyone on the strategy side of the growth equation, but not just limited to industry insiders or people with “marketing” in their title. Rather, our mission is to be uniquely insightful to leaders of any stripe who are interested in how the internet is evolving - and what those changes ultimately mean for their organization.

Said simply, most marketing news publishers just focus on “what happened”. We care a lot more about why it happened, and what happens next.

Meet The Team

Crusty old marketer. Futurist.

Chris Rempel

Partner, Editor at Large

Chris started his first internet business in 2004 and hasn’t looked back. He runs The Lazy Marketer, a research company that uncovers huge, asymmetric opportunities for startups & investors.

Reformed affiliate. Rainmaker.

Eric Dyck

Partner, Editor at Large

Eric is a veteran marketer & founder. He’s the CEO of DTC Newsletter, a must-read for anyone who’s serious about DTC eCommerce (founders, marketers, investors).

Systems builder. Bootstrapper.

Jeff Shannon

Partner, Editor at Large

Jeff has founded & co-founded a range of performance-marketing businesses that collectively now employ 100+ people, including PilotHouse Digital, GoodPaw & DTC Newsletter

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